For more than 35 years, Modula Grup team has been adding to the beautiful skyline of Accra and neighbouring cities. At Modula Grup, we are committed to providing diverse expertise to support our clients' needs.

Modula Grup was established in 1979 as an integrated consulting firm. It has through
out its history as a consulting firm, provided services for a wide range of projects within
the fields of architecture and associated engineering. These vary from simple buildings
to more complex projects often forming an important part of the urban fabric and rural
development schemes.


  • Pre–investment/feasibility Studies
  • Contract Negotiating

  • Preliminary Plans and Reports
  • Supervision of Construction and Installation

  • Mastering Planning
  • Project Administration and Management

  • Maintenance and Operation Manuals

  • Interior and Furniture Design

  • Solicitation and Evaluation of Bids

  • Schematic Design, Final Design, Specifications
    and Contract Documents

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